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adjhi  25/09/2011
this font was crash...
reupload please
sebasalila66  02/04/2012
Can I use this font for commercial use please, ti's really pleasant...

max design  27/07/2012
Hey bro may i use your font for commercial use i will really appreciate it if you let me thanks.
MAWNS  autor de Signerica   29/07/2012
max design, please read the description:
matfreddy  23/01/2013
Thanks for setted it up and I like this one , I taking it
koeiekat  22/03/2013
Nice, but why use a tilde for a dieresis?
MAWNS  autor de Signerica   24/03/2013
koeiekat, If you compare ä and ã, they are different. In sloppy scripts it is common that the dieresis looks similar to a tilde. It could also look like a macron. Since we very rarely use tilde or macron in northern Europe, it does not cause confusion here.
nashma  14/05/2013
can i use this to my blog ? please and can you show me how you do to get it ?
brunaferrara  17/07/2013
this is the prettiest font i've ever seen
seafmb  24/07/2013
this is awesome.
Could I get permission to use it in my business flyer ?

Thank you
Vicotria  18/08/2013
Älskar denna typsnitt. Kan jag få använda den på min blogg?
cyshing  12/09/2013
The zipped file appeared as invalid when I try to extract it. Can you please fix this?
cyshing  12/09/2013
The zipped file appeared as invalid when I try to extract it. Can you please fix this?
PiaLovesNavi  11/09/2014
Can I use it for my YouTube Videos? I put your link in the description! It is perfect for my Video! Thank you if I can use it!
ellanfadli  16/03/2015
Hi,i wanted to use this font for my label. So, I would like to get your permission to use this font.
Peter.dar  03/05/2015
One of the best handwritten fonts.
junenuttawan  09/08/2015
I think this font is hard for handmade.
alextby  23/08/2015
Difficult to read but interesting one.
Please may I get permission to use this font for a jewelry label?
MAWNS  autor de Signerica   15/03/2016
Please read the description:
bazzzzzingaa  22/01/2018
Hey, can you please help.
I am using this font in Phonto App and the upper and lower parts of an alphabets gets cut off. It worked fine for the 1st picture but for the 2nd picture and so on. The upper and lower parts are cut off.
Jungmin Hong  15/07/2019
I'd like to use this font in the store logo. Is it possible?
imyumi85  18/10/2021
I would like to use this font for a commercial purpose. let me know if it is okay. my email address is

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