Shaun of the Dead

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Choco Loco  28/03/2008
This is very original font. Excellent work.
futureline  26/04/2008
bhousler  09/09/2008
jens, trying to reach you to use this font on a tshirt. please email me at when you have a second to discuss. thanks.
Usuario eliminado 216503  16/12/2008
Hey, I'm in a Punk-Metal-Horror band, and we'd like to use your font for our band name... can we? Or what must we do to make you let us use it?

Usuario eliminado 216503  16/12/2008
email me @
cmorgan5d  17/08/2009
I also am trying to reach you to use this font on a t-shirt, please e-mail me at to discuss this.
samsquared  30/11/2010
Hello =)
We're making a trailer for a zombie novel that is going to feature on youtube. We'd love to use your font! If you could email us at to discuss this we'd really appreciate it!
apockylypse  05/10/2011
I would really love to use this theme on my blog & future shop header (possibly some business cards too). Will you please email me ( so we can discuss this?

rebeccapassos  25/01/2012
Hi I was trying to use your font for a web site. How does it work?
please contact me at
Rebecca Passos
pishposh317  31/08/2012
Hi. I would like to use this font for a CD cover. Please contact me at so we can discuss.
elohimp  21/01/2013
Hey, We would like to use this font for a poster design for a play our non-profit theatre company is putting up, please contact us at
mondayn  29/01/2013
Hi, We would like to use your font on the menu's for a game we are making. please contact us at
voodoopip  26/04/2013
Hi, I would like to use your font on our (low budget!) record sleeve... please contact me on Tx!
Crimsic  02/05/2013
Interested in using this font for a web series I'm developing, please contact me at

Thanks for your time!
hammered  13/09/2013
Hi, I would like to use this font on a T-shirt if possible. Please contact me at
drapermovies  13/09/2013
Hi. Great font. Is it possible to use this font as part of my game? I'll use it for the game logo, which I will use on merchandise, in the main menu and in the credits. Is that alright and do you charge for that? Feel free to email me at mansiongaminglondon(at)gmail(dot)com
ShaunofhteDead  03/10/2014
Hi please contact us for details of the use of your font.

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