Seven Swordsmen BB

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CCxTheClown  20/03/2009
Well I woul be drawing can i...btw can u make it a bit easier 2 draw
otantikmc  28/07/2009
très bonne police
HOHG  15/09/2009
jellyfishin  18/11/2010
This font is like death for your mac. Completely crashed all my programs
AL Joihnson  20/03/2013
I love this font and was hoping to be able to use it for a publishing logo for my book/company. If you could reply to if that's okay, or if it's not, that would be great.
Hope75  15/08/2018
Can I use this font freely (commercial use).
Osoneye  29/10/2020
Hello! I see there's a few people with the very question I was hoping to have answered. I love this font and would like to use it for a comic book I'm making. Thanks for your time and please let me know at if it's ok to use this.
GabiSalinas  17/12/2022
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ • 12/16/22
Kerning: Okay.
Overall Look: Fits for a Chinese atmosphere.
Download Value: Yes.

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