Sandwich Paper

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sometimes aislinn  22/02/2013
This is really cute! Good job!
SaskiaWbn  06/03/2013
Hello Janam,

I like your font, it is really cute! Can I use it for my website? I wanna offer little grafic design services besides my studies of media management. The font would only be used on my website. I don't know how I can get in touch with you.
Best regards!

Chloe5972  08/03/2013
cute font !!
byjanam  autor de Sandwich Paper   10/03/2013
Aww thanks for the comments :)

Saskia I sent you a private message!
SARACG  16/11/2013
Hi! really great Font! I want to use this font for commercial use, can i donate in the button below the download? I will transfer 7,5 euros that is equivalent to 10 dollars is that ok? thanks
marisa.rumon  22/07/2014
I am interested in using this font for commercial purposes...I tried going to your blog but was unsure how to contact you. Thanks

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