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Urufufangu  24/03/2011
I like the slightly smuged stlye with the little bits of detail around the letters and words, well done.
Pči sa mi trochu smuged stlye sa mal ksky podrobnosti okolo psmen a slov, dobre urobil.
mako1  autor de Rugged Type   07/01/2012
thank you, and thx for the translator translation, but it wasn't really necessary :D lol
Loni70  25/08/2014
How would I go about purchasing the font for commercial use? Is that possible?
dps048  03/12/2015
Would you please let me know how I can purchase the font for commercial use? Thank you
mako1  autor de Rugged Type   22/01/2016
Please direct all messages regarding purchasing fonts, on my email address(available at my profile).
Alverson2009  25/06/2017
New here to this website. Looking for this type of font for vinyl. How do i buy it if i can use on a cameo ?
mako1  autor de Rugged Type   06/11/2017
Please PM me

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