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arual8laura  06/09/2012
your o looks like an a. that's scary.
SpaceOctopus  04/01/2013
It totally looks like it says rape
nitecat85  18/05/2013
geez and the relationship between a rope/being tied up and the horrible act of rape...ya for sure, you gotta fix that "o" like yesterday!
shawn8384  08/02/2014
i'm glad others see the rape in that text..... wait.....
ccossa28  06/09/2014
May I use this font commercially?
Esel  05/05/2015
I also would like to know if we can use this font commercially?
fluffiiwolf  17/06/2015
The preview looks like rape, lol.
RiZe  06/05/2016
Anybody else read "Rape" Haha
Dude this flat out says "rape", not "rope"... that isn't what a cursive letter O looks like! That is literally an A. Maybe it was just an unnoticed design flaw, but man, you should really fix that because it is a cool font but this just looks wrong on so many levels.
phantasmicparade  27/10/2016
Oh my god...
princesspisces  18/11/2016
So glad I'm not the only one. That O is totally shaped like an A
byjanam  02/01/2017
It still looks like an a... Since over 3 years now, what a bummer!

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