Redring 1969

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staplehead  02/01/2009
Incredible and very professional font. I've added it to a post collection where I talk about my favourite fonts and I've included yours in my hall of fame.
You can read it spanish version on this url

I hope you like it and congratulations again for your excellent work
alenonimo  09/05/2009
It's a very nice font. It's a shame there's no accents, though.
evvvvv  autor de Redring 1969   19/04/2010
Maybe down the road, but do not count on it!
evvvvv  autor de Redring 1969   22/05/2012
You are in luck, I just revised the font to include all types of characters and accents that are available. In addition, the spacing of the characters have been increased.

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