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montcuit  24/09/2018
Hi , it's possible for use commercial?
alit_design  autor de Raustila   27/09/2018
Yes, Go a head !
ZebraHunter09  27/09/2018
How Do I Get The Pretty Swirly Ends?
alit_design  autor de Raustila   28/09/2018
This is link for opentype in adobe :
svichensont  08/10/2018
What are the steps for getting the extended lines before and after the word? Thank you!
adie03  08/10/2018
Whenever I use this font, the top of the tall letters (l, d, etc) are cut off. Is it supposed to be like this?
ljoy1957  09/10/2018
I am also having the issue of taller characters getting cut off. Is there a solution to this?
sload21  14/10/2018
The file is corrupted..
DesignsbyEH  16/10/2018
Issues downloading. ZIP file is corrupted.
jenihonu  09/11/2018
This ZIP file is not corrupted. I just installed the font on my PC. However, I do need guidance on using the swashes. I read the link for opentype fonts and it does not really help. I have Adobe Elements, will I be able to access the swashes with this program?
mzaini30  08/10/2019
Assalamualaikum. Good morning. I have permission to use the font that you created for my APK: Typography ( If you don't want me to use your font on my APK, please send an email to Then, I will delete the font from my APK.


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