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metaphasebrothel  28/11/2014
I like this one a lot, Max.

What I would have done differently:

1) Added a period. You have a dollar sign and numbers. It would be the easiest glyph to do.

2) Some letters have the white 'metallic' lines, others don't. I would put metallic lines on all letters in either caps or lower case, and none for the other. As is, there doesn't seem to be a reason why some have them, and some don't. Inverted contours placed on top of your current vectors might allow this to be quickly and easily done. I don't know which font editor you use, but I can do that in ScanFont 3.

I love depth perception, texture, and grey tones in fonts, and sometimes you have all three in one.

I have a 3D font due out soon, all based on Cartesian and Euclidean geometry, to determine the the perspective of the side edges. I just have documentation left to complete.


maximusmaximus  autor de Pony Maker   28/11/2014
Thanks for the feedback! I really love your fonts! Please PM the link your new 3d font when it comes out, I'll post on our blog. - Max

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