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Pole Dance

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leenisabel  11/12/2013
This font contains my copyrighted artwork. I contacted the artist to take it down and am requesting the to also take action.

My work is the letter "c" 0099 and I have NOT authorized the use of my artwork to the creator! I am LIVID! REMOVE THIS NOW!
lenafumi  11/12/2013
the letters don't make sense. No one could read this as a font. And practically EVERY pole dancer recognizes Leen's artwork. This is not original!
woodcutter  autor de Pole Dance   12/12/2013
The font is free but sorry, I delete it now.
woodcutter  autor de Pole Dance   12/12/2013
Hello leenisabel your drawing of the letter "c" is already eliminated. It was a mistake. Thanks for reporting.

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