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lothaire  07/08/2006
a beautiful font. I like it alot and I think I'll put it in some documents. Congratulations !
Perhaps one problem : the point on "i"... .

marzhal  autor de Parallello   08/08/2006
Maybe I should fix it, though it isn't supposed to be a point over the "i". I'll see ;)
lothaire  08/08/2006
And there are some problems with the next letters :
marzhal  autor de Parallello   11/08/2006
Will check it out as soon as possible! I'm on a boat trip at the moment, you see, and haven't been able to update it yet ;)
lothaire  12/08/2006
We are not in the hurry ;o)
I think you are not on the Love Boat (, so good luck ;o)
marzhal  autor de Parallello   13/08/2006
Hehe, not on love boat, on that you're quite right :)
Regarding the different "i"'s, I have sent the font for update. Thanks for notice it :)
lothaire  15/08/2006
it's cool and better than the old version. Thanks ;)

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