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chessie93  30/06/2007
This is one of the best graffit ones. Becuase you can actully read it.
AR studio time  07/10/2007
NIce,ecept for the E" is a little off,nonetheless dope!!
Pure guava  04/03/2008
its da bomb and i mean da bomb ahhhhhhhhhhh!
deukie  22/07/2008
lil_bils  25/09/2008
the font is fab.. anyway of getting the numbers.???
Scriptorium  autor de Nosegrind   11/08/2010
To get the numbers just follow the directions for registering the font.
kayla anne  31/08/2011
i like this one because you can read it too
cindella204  04/08/2012
This is awesome. I needed a graffiti font for a project with a DJ/clubbing theme and this was perfect.
Scriptorium  autor de Nosegrind   19/11/2015
The full version is not very expensive, includes all the characters and a license for use. You can get it at

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