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carolat21  20/09/2007
agustinluisbou92  24/04/2008
Linda fuente
fredisdead  06/12/2008
Found this an ideal typeface for tech-logo design.

Would be great if it came in a set of three weights and alternates with a more extended stroke for characters like the "a" and "e". I might then even be tempted to buy it for around 20 USD. And there's got to be thousands like me out there.

Best to you, for this outstanding free typeface.
kozzie  09/11/2009
is this logo also free for commercial use ???

ChiiChh  05/12/2009
Great font!
The only problem I have with it is the letter 'Z'. It cuts off the top line of the letter and kind of looks like an angle.
Otherwise, great font.
Aniki101  29/04/2010
you are awesome, your generosity is greatly appreciated!!!! Your skill is breathtaking!!!! just....Thank You! :D
typodermic  autor de Neuropol   12/07/2010
This is an old, discontinued font. I recommend Neuropol X.
Dragon200  13/11/2010
NOISABER! that's outsanding to bad not seen a game i hopd to be!! tiill jokers ed' jkl licsense not hoped but thanks

iritbealef  26/04/2015
Dear author,
You create a great font!
Is it free for commercial use?
Thanks a lot
typodermic  autor de Neuropol   28/04/2015
Yes, it's free for commercial use.
typodermic  autor de Neuropol   06/08/2015
Ignore my previous comment about this font begin discontinued. I've replaced it in 2015 with a new version based on the 1996 original. More info on my site.
estrella230  06/11/2015
can i use this font for Commercial use? i sell key charms (with text), T-Shirts with (text) etc.. and i search for a font that i can use for all the things that i make myself. it is also allowed to make logos, Flyers etc. with your font. ist only a Little production - for Christmas markets and max. 100 a year.
typodermic  autor de Neuropol   06/11/2015
Yes, it's free for commercial use. Good luck with your projects.

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