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hanoded  autor de Moonlight Shadow   21/01/2011
READ the license!!!! This font is shareware. If you want to use it, a license costs US$ 10. STOP sending me 1$ donations
SinisterFonts  04/02/2011
Love your work, David. FYI, though (and maybe it's just my machine) - I am unable to download your fonts from That is to say, a .ZIP file downloads, but it's empty. This applies to this one, Face Your Fears, Ghost Reverie, Nightbird, etc. Thought you'd want to know.
hanoded  autor de Moonlight Shadow   05/02/2011
Hey Chad,
Uhm,.... I don't know. I uploaded the normal zips and they seem to be legit. I mean, I tried downloading the font and everything is fine!
inspiritstudioz  01/09/2011
Love the font its going on our website and business cards, new to pay pal, will they or you send us proof of license agreement?
hanoded  autor de Moonlight Shadow   14/09/2011
If you want to have a license, just contact me via email
Love this font I love curly fonts they are so pretty
aimeelias  20/09/2012
How do I go about donating from UK?
ShadowDeath 3-12  10/05/2013
type my name in this font,,,,this is THE best font,,, EVER, I love it... LOl
MizzFury  22/02/2016
Hey, amazing font. Do i also have to pay when i only want to use in for private?
TheCrownIsMine  17/02/2019
I paid for it. LOVE the font!! It's SO beautiful. I have used it throughout my poetry book. Stunning!! Thank you.
hanoded  autor de Moonlight Shadow   19/02/2019

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