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YNeidr  01/02/2012
I checked out your web site. I loved the historical fonts you posted. Those are always fun. As a number theorist I also particularly enjoyed your collection of zeroes. :) Your calligraphy exercises were also fun, although I have to say my handwriting is still atrocious. :-}
As for this font, I've been using it for a couple of weeks and it's already one of my favourites. I use it for just playing around, taking notes on my computer, etc.; the one thing that makes me sad is that I can't use it to write in Welsh properly (b/c it doesn't have the obscure characters). It'd be entertaining to try to do a math paper in Manualito Flo, but I usually use LaTex for those (also not sure how my editor would respond)! (If you *want* to add a whole bunch of formula characters and things, of course...! :) ) I wish I could write this beautifully...or design fonts, for that matter; I've been getting interested, having tried out some of the exotic fonts that are out there. What software do you use? (and do you recommend it for a beginner?)

"Y Neidr"
florinf  autor de Manualito Flo   09/02/2012
Thank you for your comments.
I use Inkscape and a Wacom tablet for the digital calligraphy. The font is Work in Progress and there are a lot of things to be added. Some day hopefully.
Thanks again.
thebernardonis  28/06/2015
I would love to use this for invitations I design. Is there a place to donate so I can pay for it?
florinf  autor de Manualito Flo   19/07/2015
There is an email address in the README file and you can contact me by mail. Thanks

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