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CustomBusinessCards  10/05/2008
Not very creative but I like the simplicity.
The Mimi  19/11/2008
OOh! I've looking for something like this. Thank you!
oliviaariferiani  25/09/2009
i want to use it for the logo competition,
is that ok ?
thanks before :)
Seston  14/03/2010
very cool, however i dont like the "s"
supermaxx  14/10/2010
Hi there Pizzadude!
I just love this font! very beautiful and it would be perfect for a logo I'm designing! Do you sell user rights for it? Or how should we handle this? I'd be happy to hear from you soon!
darkaco  09/01/2011
Hi i like this font!
elenacaterina  06/01/2012
Hi, I would like tu use it for a logo competition, is that ok?
I wait for your answer!
munich  03/04/2012
Adorei a fonte e gostaria de usá-la para logotipo. Aguardo resposta!

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