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Magnolia Sky

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Chloe5972  10/03/2016
Cute Curly Font
rjamesondesigns  17/03/2016
Can anyone tell me how to get the extra curls on the front or end of the word?
Usuario eliminado 907602  22/03/2016
I don't know how to do it. Send a message to the author. I love this font!
Usuario eliminado 908562  28/03/2016
This is the best font I have seen in a long time. It is just special. I love it!
astonem22  28/03/2016
You've to purchase the full version to get the alternates:
aegreer  31/03/2016
This font is awesome. Great job. Thanks so much!
Drewlilysmom1  13/05/2016
Can i use this to make a tshirt? Is there a charge?
Dhelton915  01/09/2017
Is there a commercial font without the extra purchase of the package? I merely am interested in the Magnolia Sky font as it is.

Thank you.
myztique  21/12/2017
I am using this font in MS word to create address labels. I haven't printed yet, but the tops and bottoms of the font is cut off. How do I need to alter the format for this to look (and print) correctly.
rnation  22/01/2018
I would like to purchase this font with the commercial license, can you please let me know how much and how to go about doing this?
Esther B  15/03/2018
When I try to download it, the top and bottom is missing. Any suggestions?
nvankirk  27/03/2018
Please contact me for price for commercial license. Font: Magnolia Sky.
gabigale1  29/03/2018
Please contact me for the price of commercial license.
fresita16  17/05/2018
Please contact me for the price of commercial license.

thank you

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