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Vava123  21/02/2008
J'adore cette police ! J'aime bien les chiffres et les majuscules que cette police fait apparaître.
letterhuis  15/07/2008
N H Construct
The Mimi  19/11/2008
So gorgeous!
gracie14  22/02/2009
its pretty good
rlyalya  01/01/2010
ahhh! i downloaded your font awhile ago (not planning to use it for anything) and then i saw you were supposed to pay ten bucks to use it and i was like "oh no" and i disabled it on my computer... is that ok???? do i have to do something else to get it off so i'm not cheating or whatever?
nungning  03/05/2010
I like that !
Rülych  24/06/2010
This font is great! I like it a lot, except for that "l"... Isn't it too straight or something? :S But I like the font anyway ;)
Jacinta1234  29/08/2012
Hi - great font! - can i use it for comercial use? Thanks - Jacinta
jdickert  autor de Luna Bar   29/08/2012
Hi Jacinta -- you may use it for commercial use once you have paid the $10 fee.
lmm314  01/12/2012
I went to pay the 10 fee but there is no website to pay :( ??
lmm314  01/12/2012
just found the instructions to pay through paypal ;) Just paid. Very lovely font by the way!
jdickert  autor de Luna Bar   03/12/2012
I'm sorry about the inconvenience. My website seems to be down, but I'm working on having it fixed! In the mean time, payment can be sent via PayPal to (FYI for anyone else experiencing problems.)
BucNation  30/03/2015
@jdickert I would like to pay the $10 for the font. Is this link still good?
jdickert  autor de Luna Bar   28/04/2015
@BucNation yes!
radcroft  14/06/2015
Hi Love this font and paid the fee , how long till i can use for my PDF have stuff due and it looks fab with font
Vidomille  20/06/2016
@jdickert - Can I use for a "header of a magazine"? and if yes is this link still good for the donation?
fastass  30/11/2016
Hi Jennifer, I bought a license for your font „Luna Bar“ on November 8th via PayPal. I got no response from you. Would you please send me the full version of the font which can be embedded in PDFs. Thank you! Jens

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