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bethxxx  29/06/2007
jake is me lover boi lol i lyk ur font
Delicicous  01/07/2007
Ooh, this is great !
But, when i wanna download, its saids:
"This page cannot found"
? WTF ?
Help mé ! :D
aniela93  06/04/2008
looby ruby shoes  10/05/2009
hi, please can you tell me if this font is free to use? thanks
I love it!!
roschelleC  04/09/2011
very cute :)
LuxD  26/08/2012
Good font. But is free to use commercially? Thank you
ursina  10/11/2015
Very nice font! Is ist allowed to use for commercial use? Only in context of a small Business. Thank you for your answer!
JeffersonBando  28/10/2019
Love this font, wondering if this font is free to use in terms of a design for a clothing brand, email me at!
nicccollle  09/11/2019
Hello! Also wondering about commercial use of this font!?

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