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Ernestita.Natalie  21/06/2020
Hi! Is it possible for me to use this font on my logo for a charity purpose? If it's possible please contact me at
malatjahjadi  27/01/2021
Hello there, can I use this font (Liberation Sans) for commercial purpose? pls info ASAP and you can contact me at
nikaiyat11  07/04/2021
hi, can i use your font for commercial use, please contact me at Thanks
Somethingffs  21/04/2021
People, shut it and read the freaking license.
"Public domain/GPL/OFL". Yes you can use for commerical.
JuanMarcoDelaVega  22/05/2022
Hi, I would like to use this font for commercial use. Can you please advise me on how i can do that.
Please contact me at
thank you in advance

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