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Hawkie  10/07/2014
Stunning!! Wonderful creation!. Congratulations Zia!
ziabd  autor de Leafs   14/07/2014
Hawkie, Thanks!
justsurf  09/04/2016
This is amazing! It's Leaves though, not leafs.
rachelleherle  04/08/2018
I love the font but when I downloaded it only the letter a gives an actual leaf. Everything else is blank. What am I doing wrong?
REBECCAVSYS  21/10/2018
It works randomly for be...not sure but I think it works with the caps on..I wanted to use it for bullet points.
Any help please?
Kailash kumar  18/03/2021
Nice to f foint
Piki12  13/05/2021
Piki12  13/05/2021
Mukesh sahu  09/06/2021
Mukesh sahu  09/06/2021
That's good
Mukesh sahu  09/06/2021

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