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Cpr.Sparhelt  21/11/2011
Oh my god! Looks so amazing! Great work. Really creative.
dascatopia  29/11/2011
Nice type face matte :)
SilverScreen  25/02/2012
This has been done before as well: http://www.dafont.com/engravier-initials.font. :(

Why so much copying imagex?
frd  26/02/2012
Ever heard of the word "inspiration" ? Do you go in museums and compare paintings too ? This disease you've got, it must be pretty annoying when you walk in the streets and see the same houses, same people, same clothes, same stores, you must get very angry.
imagex  autor de Lead   27/02/2012
Sometimes we, authors, use public domain types to offer it to people. It's less or more work cause we need to make research, scan, clean and sometimes improve the images to make it work as a computer font.
Sometimes we dont ask for any money for this work, sometimes we do. A lot of the fonts you can find on the paying sites are of that kind.
You are right, "Silverscreen", I should have to tell the name of the foundry but I found the font in an antique typography book that didn't give it.
We, authors, are working hard to offer fonts to people. 5% of my fonts are of that kind, 95% are pure personnal creation.
You suggest I'm a thug stealing all the fonts I uploaded on Dafont. About stealing, do you know that most of the commercial use of our fonts is not paid? THAT'S STEALING.
So, the question is, why such a hate?
Wrex  27/11/2012
Great work!
vkdesign  08/02/2013
Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal. nice.
imagex  autor de Lead   10/02/2013
Vkdesign, could you please read other comments before sending your unfair ones?
JulianEschbaumer  08/03/2013
hallo imagex,
I would like to use your font for a tv-show which will be broadcast in germany.
your font would be used for the logo.
so I want to ask you, if I may use your font for this project?
the show isn't very popular or something like that cause it will be broadcast in juni this year for the first time. so I search for a nice font and this is absolutely awesome.

greetings from germany
Johnnysynth  24/01/2015
I like this font. It's much cleaner looking than Engravier-Initials.
metaphasebrothel  22/02/2015
Many of my own fonts have used simulated grey tones and three dimensional depth perspective, so I give this one two thumbs up. That's based on the character map. I haven't installed this font yet, nor examined the vector constructions.

It's quite possible that you and Paul Lloyd made digital versions of a design that you both saw, independently, on paper. The fact that his digitalization precedes yours is irrelevant. We can't create graphic designs by cutting letters out of a Dan X Solo book, and gluing them to a different piece of paper.

Many fonts are derivative of each other, but differ in sufficient ways to make each one unique. The nmajority of new type design are based on someone else' ideas. Sometimes it's custom lettering that appeared on a matchbook cover from the 1940's, and someone decides what the unseen letters, numbers and symbols would be, that would logically 'go with' the ones we know about.

This one interests me enough, that I'll examine the vectors, and I'll give some technical commentary on the grey tones at a future date.

imagex, what sofware do you use, for making fonts? Are your vectors created primarily with a graphic design program, and imported into a font editor 'fully realized', or are they drawn in the font editor?



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