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Skento  03/10/2014
love it!
Chloe5972  08/10/2014
lsantos  04/10/2015
Hi, i would like to my personal blog? Is it possible? thanks
Manon#  03/11/2015
I would like use , for a project for school it's possible ?
Sorry for my english i am french
BPETIT  14/03/2016

Je souhaiterai utiliser cette police dans la charte graphique d'un client. Il y a t'il une licence à payer ?

Elle sera utilisé pour :
- enseigne
- site internet
- Cartes de visites
- papier en-tête


Steffen255  14/05/2016

J'aime beaucoup cette écriture, mais comment ce nomme cette Police ?? (dans word)

Midistore  09/11/2017
Hi, how can I get a commercial license for this? It will be used on a sight that sells software to musicians, thank you!
westalex  01/02/2018
I love this font, would like to use it for my design website, is that possible?
namphan  04/09/2018
Hi there!

I'm currently a freelance photographer and would love to use this font as the basis of my new logo. Please email me details at
ChrisPB  06/02/2019
Hi I would like to know how can I get a commercial licence?
My email is: thank you

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