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GO-N Prod  15/12/2009
We also really like your font “Jonny”. We would like to know if it is possible to use it for the title card of one episode of a series we are currently producing. In this case, what would be your conditions?
Thanks in advance for your reply.
gm  21/04/2010

Interested in using this font as part of header on my portfolio website. Can you please advise at

r44mercer  02/06/2010
hey - interested in using the font for a logo - could you email me at
puppets  autor de Jonny Quest Classic   21/09/2010
Fonts for personal use only. not for sale.
mgingrich  01/05/2012

I wanted to use this font for my place cards for my wedding. The template I'm using for them is a Microsoft Word document. I've installed your font and it displays in the font list in Word but I'm unable to use it. Are there rights protecting it from being used in Word?

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