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New4You  25/10/2010
really classy script font
Maffy  02/11/2010
very nice
Tangerine789  21/11/2010
So, so beautiful. I can't stop typing in it! :]
Michelle10  24/11/2010
the best font on here, gorgeous.
taylorswiftfan1  05/12/2010
so cute!
just4fonts  01/12/2011
Hi, I am starting up a jewellery business online and would love to use your writing as my logo, I am just wondering if this is possible?
brespe1  17/04/2012
Could I get your permission to use this on my business sign. Please email me back at
sky76  30/06/2012
I have a problem with all fonts by this author ... There's only capital letters. Small letters are gone!
lpugsley  10/11/2012
Would like to use this font in a poster. Could I get your permission? Email me:
mjn  29/03/2015
Hello, I would like to use this font on an event poster/invitation. Would this be permitted?
Please email me at

Thank you. Superb work!
han.shockley  18/04/2015
Awesome font. I would love to use it in a logo! Would that be possible? you may email me at han.shockleyr@ gmailDOTcom
chelsea309  22/06/2015
Hello. I love this font and would like to use it on an infographic. How can I purchase it for commercial use? Please email me at
JamieLov3  26/06/2015
Do you offer a commercial license? I am a graphic designer and I really enjoy this font and would like to use it in some of my designs. Please email me at

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