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jelloish  17/08/2006
This has become one of my most favorite hand-written script fonts EVER. It's a beautiful font. Thank you!!
ladykat  25/09/2006
Not only do I love this font because I'm a huge Austen fan, it's also really well-executed. Works nicely even in smaller sizes, and has great flow.
Soulshards  21/02/2007
My gosh!! It's so beautiful, the spaces are so nicely created.
hermyown  07/04/2007
Such a beautiful font. Thank you so much!
cxhris  10/04/2007
i think this is a real delight. and with mr and mrs and the double s in the keyboard as well! thank you. if only i could find a use for it.
jafanficlover  01/07/2007
Great font,this is really beautiful and flowing. I have added a link from my Jane Austen Fanfiction page.
ghamira  15/12/2007
This IS a beautiful font. I love the spacing because it allows the letters to actually connect, thus making it calligraphic like it's supposed to. But how do you use it, I wanted to put in on a word doc for my journal and I couldn't figure it out. Any help?
onenighttoremember  14/01/2008
This font as been a companion on a lot of my college works...
Thank you!
x3hollisterxox  18/01/2008
very sexy font. cutee<3. -kay
csingh84  15/02/2008
Hi, What a Nice Font!…would you mind if use this to watermark my photography? Thanks
un4tunately  27/02/2008
my favorite
Drifting  30/03/2008
Jane Austen is my absolute idol. I luff this font. *hugs font*
roadaway  19/05/2008
Hehe. I love the name of this font as well as the font itself! Well done!
balletgirl  10/09/2008
i love this font but i want to use it commercially. I can't get in touch with the author. The email doesn't work. Does anyone know how to get in touch with the artist?
awmasry  05/11/2008
Beautiful script font. I love it.
Missacer  15/12/2008
I used Jane Austen for my wedding invitations and programs. I got many many good comments on it! Thanks!
teslaroadster  21/12/2008
really nice font
the slant really makes it look like real handwriting - unlike most other "handwritten" fonts
miss.thomas  02/01/2009
i love this font but it wont let me download it.
does anyone know why?
i press download, then it downloads, i click on the font i just downloaded and thats it... like i cant use it on microsoft word or anything.
can someone help?
arretsurimage  20/03/2009
What a Nice Font!…would you mind if use my site? Thanks
pia frauss  autor de Jane Austen   27/03/2009
First of all, I registered here to say a big, fat, heartfelt THANK YOU to all those who went to the trouble of commenting -- and commenting so kindly! -- on my font. Love you, guys!

Secondly, it wasn't me who submitted some of my fonts to this site. Not that I object, far from it. I only mention it to explain why I'm reacting so belatedly to your comments. I only just got aware of them.

Thirdly, I really don't know what's wrong with those who can't bring the font to work on their PCs. All I can say is it always worked fine (Word, Photoshop etc) on my Win98 PC, and it now works fine on my XP and MAC (haven't tried Vista yet and no intention of doing so).

Lastly, you are all very welcome to enjoy my font, and I'll feel vastly flattered if you think it nice enough to give a good look to your website and wedding invitations.

Thank you so much!


@ balletgirl: I'm sorry you couldn't reach me. If you tried last fall and winter (September 2008 to January 2009), your e-mail may well have been lost. I was experiencing severe computer problems at the time, due to a slowly dying harddrive. Please accept my apologies.
lucianamorin  13/04/2009
is one of my favorite handwritten fonts, really nice (:
thank you for the amazing work!
funnyshoes1  06/05/2009
Another huge Austen fan who loves this font! It was the first I saw on this site and had to have it. I guess you could say I saw it in the window and had to have it!

I do have Windows Vista and Microsoft Word, and it works fine.

Thanks for this excellent and beautiful font.
shelleysnider  19/06/2009
Apparently you can't use this with Microsoft Office 2007. I loaded it fine on my old computer with the old Word but couldn't get it to load onto my newer laptop with Word 2007. Oh well just have to use the old computer for now!
ellebee  22/06/2009
Oh my goodness ... this is just so beautiful. I randomly googled 'jane austen font' and this page came up. I couldn't believe my luck (and your generousity). I am using this for my wedding invitations..... now to find a nice passage from one of Miss Austen's books for the ceremony and it will be perfect!!!
MissLizzy  23/11/2009
The first time i saw this font i decided that i want to learn it... now i write like jane auten! Then i also downloaded the font. I cant wait to actually use it for something...
it amazing...

Congrats, author!
ldorsty  27/11/2009
Oh my gosh, this is definetly my FAVORITE font. It was my very first downloaded. Thank you author!!!!! <3
alchemyiam  20/03/2010
very nice font thanks. I'm running windows 7 and msoft office 2007. Downloaded just fine and installed within a few seconds. Works just fine under msoft office 2007 - word
olkun  28/04/2010
Our names written with this font in our body.
ayça and ümit

-little-  16/05/2010
i really love this font :)
-little-  16/05/2010
this font name is from 'Becoming Jane' right ?
ily-laveur  17/05/2010
i love this font! i tried to copy it (hand-written) onto a design i am doing for an art project. only after finishing did i realise i could have downloaded it and printed the words. oh well, i have it downloaded now and it looks REALLLLLLY good. thank you!
meliilolly  28/06/2010
Lumière  02/11/2010
This is, by far, my favorite font. Ever. It's so beautifully done. Thank you very much for sharing it.
SunshineLight  15/12/2010
This font is very beautiful !!! I love it !!!!
merip  03/03/2011
Has anyone else experienced a problem contacting the author via email? I want to purchase three commercial licenses and have had no responses to numerous emails I have sent.
blaksmyth  01/06/2011
I love this font! I ended up using it for a footpiece tattoo. I am actually looking for script for another tat and I just may use this one again. It's awesome!
wossen  29/06/2011
I love this font! Beautiful..!!Thank you so much. The only thing is the rar file didn't work after downloading, it was corrupted so I had to go to the original site to download a good version and it finally worked.
Someone should check the file here.
Thanks again!!
gammafont  09/06/2012
I am using a borrowed account, but I just want to let you know that I will have this font perform on my wedding invitation cards ;)
jjnc  12/07/2012
We (myself and a client) have also had trouble contacting the creator. We wanted to use the font for a cover and the title pages for a book. We need to make a decision about what to use. Someone let me know if you find a better way to get in touch with her.
SukiCharlie  08/04/2015
I just downloaded this font- it takes seconds to load- and it works beautifully on Windows 8 with Office 2010. Love this font- it is beautiful!
Zal  16/04/2015
Hello, I would like to know the fee/price for profesional use. Please email me zmadeolI@gmail.com

Thank you very much :)
NicoleJay  19/08/2015
Hi Pia this is such a gorgeous font!! I too would love to know if there is a price involved for using this beautiful font outside of personal use. It may be used for a logo on a Vlog, this is not confirmed yet but would like to find out about my rights to use this font if it goes ahead. Thanks
Taymonsmi42  05/01/2016
Hey I was wanting to find out the price for professional use! I would love to use it as a tshirt logo. Please email me at taymonsmi42@gmail.com
Meville  10/02/2016
Hi Ms. Pia, i love your font. its very beautiful.
Train5071  13/03/2016
I would like to use this for a business logo but would like to know what is need to do so email liriley50@yahoo.com
Fee Design  27/08/2016
Hi I really love this font I want to have it. Please email me frederiquemarcoux@hotmail.fr Thank you
eme roures  30/08/2016
Hi Pia, I love this font and I would like to use this for a business logo. Please email me at mrourespi@gmail.com. Thank you!
Spark-g  08/09/2016
Your fonts is so owsome can i use for my flyers goyal.saurav80@gmail.com
grumpynat  20/10/2016
Hey, I have a client who loves just your font for his logo, so I was wondering if it's possible to purchase it. Please contact me as soon as you can : n.sotch@gmail.com
stefany16  24/11/2016
I would like to use this for a business logo
I do not know how to do it. Please email me at stefany.bil@gmail.com
AlinaRandom  20/03/2017
Hi everyone!
Is there any chance to contact with the author Pia Frauss?
I sent her e-mails but it is about 2 months without answer...
Thnx for all advice!
Tuanbmt  30/03/2017
I would like to use this for a business logo
I do not know how to do it. Please email me at stefany akiratuan@gmail.com
OlaCarlotta  24/07/2017
Hi ! I love this font !
I would like to know the price for commercial use.
Please email me carlottacestmoi@gmail.com
Thank you so much ;))
aiit32  21/11/2017
Hi Pia,
I really love your font and I hope to purchase it for the commercial use. Plz let me know how to make a payment. My email is hyunjoocho106@gmail.com.
andreati  12/07/2018
hi i hope to purchase it for the commercial use, please let me know the price for commercial use. My email is andreatichadijah@gmail.com
evilyn97  13/11/2018
Hi i would like to purchase the commercial license for this font! email: evilyn97@hotmail.com
shundo  02/02/2019
Hi Pia,
I love this font and I would like to use this for a business logo.
Please email me at a.shundo@gmail.com
Thank you so much.
imiree94  12/06/2020
Hi. I would like to purchase the commercial license for this font. Please contact me at imiree94@gmail.com. Thanks.
Wickeni  12/10/2023
Apaixonada por essa fonte
merimiesh  19/03/2024
Hi. I would like to purchase the commercial license for this font. Please contact me at sabinadiva7@gmail.com Thanks.

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