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Chloe5972  25/08/2011
Hunny  17/09/2011
Precious font! I have downloaded and installed the font but cannot find it in my list of fonts...? When I re-download, I get a dialog box stating that the font has been downloaded, but its listed neither under "Janda Sparkle and Shine" or "Sparkle and Shine." Please help :)
B.R. Brannon aka Hunny
mamakimberly  autor de Janda Sparkle and Shine   18/09/2011
B.R. Brannon- have you installed the font? Be sure you have not just downloaded but also installed the font. What type of operating system are you using? (Mac, Windows & type- Vista, 7, XP, etc...). In the newer Windows, you just open the downloaded file and click "install". In the older windows versions you needed to manually drag the file into your C:/windows/fonts folder for it to install. Also, several programs like Word generally require you to at the very least restart the program to see the font, but sometimes even restart the computer. Hope that helps!
MsChrissyB  17/11/2011
I love this font! I had a question about the usage. I'm a teacher and I have a blog where I share documents I have made for my classroom. I don't make money off of them; I just share for free. Am I able to use this font (or any of your fonts) on the documents I share? Thanks!

mamakimberly  autor de Janda Sparkle and Shine   18/11/2011
sure, that's fine, Chrissy! My husband is a teacher & I love teachers!

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