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kreativtheme  07/02/2012
not the full version, but still great for graphic writings
thanks  autor de I'm fashionista!   07/02/2012
Hi kreativtheme, Happy you like it! :)
You can find the FULL and LIGHT versions on !
the_bridge  08/02/2012
This font is incomplete (crippled) beyond belief, don't waste your time downloading and installing it.
Fumbledew  09/02/2012
the_bridge - The font is mainly a paid font, check the authors site, the website has a more complete version and a "Full version with all glyphs.
koeiekat  07/03/2012
The lower case of this thing is nothing but a rip-off of the Olicana.
This thing should be removed from dafont!!  autor de I'm fashionista!   08/03/2012
Sorry Koeiekat, honestly I didn't see Olicana font before then now, but before talk about a rip-off I think would be better check what you're asserting. I checked now the Olicana font and althoug I noticed some similarity in few letters, the overall font is very different. Anyway, please, write me to any comparison: , I will be at your disposal. Best regards,
koeiekat  12/03/2012
@ fonts-lab
I was terribly wrong. My apologies.  autor de I'm fashionista!   13/03/2012
Hi Koeiekat, thanks for getting back after a further check, I've really appreciated it!
nonya24  04/04/2012
This free version is so incomplete, it's not even in the spirit of Dafont. If the free version was more reasonable, I probably would have purchased the light version for commercial use, but this is a total turn off. There are other well-designed handwritten-script fonts out there...

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