Hard Rock

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Priski  13/06/2006
Nice job. Add дцев etc. letters and this font would really rock :)
Daq  16/06/2006
It's very nice, but it dosn't have a very distinct style. Barber Shop is very close to it.
BB3K  17/06/2006
I like this font. I wouldn't mind a version without the distortion though.
obeattie  15/08/2006
Hm.. I wish I could use it.. but I need a "/" character.
shooter43  31/12/2006
azucarnegra  16/02/2007
this guy has the vibe in his blood. supa!
SoFonty  03/09/2008
nice. but it is def. close 2 barber shop
JigHammer  15/02/2009
Can U use this lettertype for a logo? or title for a book?
If no, than have I respect for it.
Colv24  24/10/2009

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