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nakita  14/08/2006
Miss_princess  27/11/2006
well wkd mwah xxx
waz.gud.2658  14/04/2007
luv it fo sho
ZygZaag  29/05/2007
i luv this font its so awesome! kwl style
ZygZaag  29/05/2007
only thing i don't like is that it doesn't hav numbers...
oxxlookingoodxxo  24/03/2008
i love this font,
gangsta ayee x
LeyRe...]*  25/09/2008
sea lo k sea lo k me esteis diciendo... assias


hideeano  26/04/2010
will not imbed into pdf
Violume  04/06/2013
Great Font! I am very interested in this for a small design project. I see it's "for personal use", but would you consider an exception? Please let me know at Happy to answer questions. Looking forward to hearing back! Thx - Lauryn
ericdl  15/03/2019
It's the font for Urban Air Adventure Park :)
ChelseaBee  16/09/2019
Hi Jakob, i tried emailing but it bounced - am hoping to discuss permissions for use as the title card in an indie webseries. please get in touch with me at - thanks!

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