God Bless America

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mamakimberly  19/10/2013
Dennis Primm  21/10/2013
Dear Maelle K,
I totally agree with mamakimberly, because as soon as I saw it it caught my eye and was very appealing. I've downloaded it and wanted to thank you for all of your hard work!
skomii  21/10/2013
It's beautiful, really, congrats! And, God Bless America, a LOT indeed... :)
ConcreteRose  22/10/2013
love it.
Austiebost  23/10/2013
This is just gorgeous!
Cheyenne71  01/11/2013
This is simply stunning! Thank you for sharing. :)
lov2teach  02/11/2013
Love this gorgeous font!! Thank you for your work and for sharing it with us.
Dragdar77  09/07/2014
Love the Font however you say it cannot be used for political or religious projects? yet it says God Bless America. That seems a little ridiculous

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