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gerbera37  17/11/2010

We've chosen your font for a logo design. Now we are looking for a font which suits to the existence. Unfortunatly we can't find one. Do you have more weights? What would it cost if you would make us more weights? We need a Regular, Bold and Italic in addition to the Light.

Greetings from Austria,
Cornelia Bachträgl
ShinSetsuNF  18/11/2010

A year ago, I've choose your font for my logo too. :D But, like gerbera37, I've need regular, half bold, bold, italic and italic bold.

Thank you, best regards from France.

nokards  16/02/2011

We are willing to use your font as our game development team's font for logo. We are planning to later register a similar company and would love to use this font then either.
(I guess it counts as commercial use and makes some problems within this : " Copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT may not be
distributed for profit either on a standalone basis or included as
part of your own product unless by prior permission of Yeah Noah."

So, are you giving us the permission, Yeah Noah?

Thank you, greetings from Latvia.
Kstroman  06/05/2011
I would like to use your font in the tag line for a local publication. Can you please let me know how to obtain a commercial license?
gerbera37  24/05/2011

I can't find your mail anymore ... I need your font "Existence" in Regular, Bold and Italic too.

It's very urgent ...

Thank you,

Answer to:
gerbera37  09/06/2011
sarsquared  18/08/2011
I love the unicase font! It's gorgeous. Thanks for this!
safirah0403  24/04/2012 is really so stylish and beautiful I would love to use it for my logo, for commercial use, please let me know what I should do to have your permission to use it

Thank you very much.
Please let me know as soon as you have time,

Mongojerry2  03/06/2012
I'd like to know if I can use this font for the writing of my book?
jcfisher  05/06/2012
Grateful if I could get in regular and bold as well.
YeahNoah  autor de Existence Light   30/06/2012
Sorry for getting here so late.

About different weights and italic versions: bold was planned but not finished (yet?). Fortunately the geometric and monoline nature of Existence Light lets us play with weight and angle, try to give it a contour (outline) to make bold or lighter, or use slant (faux italic) function. Results aren't so disastrous in all cases. :)

About licensing: Existence Light is free for any type of project including commercial. You are allowed to use it for logo design, print, web or any else, as long as the font files are unmodified. I wish you happy designing.

Moreover, I'm curious to see what you've done with Existence Light, so when you're really satisfied and proud of a design, please provide a link to yeahnoah (at) to let me see it.
th3d4v1d  07/05/2013

I'd like your Existence font very much and I'd like to use it as part of my logo, more specifically Stencil Light for the logo and Light (and Unicase Light) for headers and so on. I did not understand if this is permitted by reading the .txt

I would also like to know if I would be allowed to embed the font styles using CSS @font-face in my website.

Thank you
lisasher  01/09/2013
Hi YeahNoah
I have used this font on a recent logo design and want to thank you for a wonderful font. I see you say above that Existence Light is free for use in all projects including commercial. Which is what I came here to confirm. Do you have a portfolio where we can see more of your work and maybe purchase fonts etc. Would love to support you. Thanks lisasherdes(at)
oldfox004  06/05/2014
I loved this font...thanks for letting it be free for logo design
jingidy  17/10/2014
Hi YeahNoah, I've been trying to reach you for several months because we need a bolder version of Existence Light in our app, and as you may know, we can't just "add an outline" to text in apps. I've followed your instructions to add an outline in a font editor so we can have that variant as a font file, hope that's ok. Please contact me if that's not the case, otherwise I'll assume that you don't mind. Thanks!
ccf  14/02/2016
Hi YeahNoah, Based on your previous message from 2012, I'm assuming its still ok to use this Existence Light font for commercial use for free, right? Is there any requirements for using it: a license or anything else that's needed?
sampalmer  05/04/2016
Hello I see lots asking for bold do you have that file available please?
Hello, could I have the permission to use this font for commercial use? We'd like to use it in our logo. Please contact me at

Thanks so much.
banana0505  17/05/2017
Can I use this font without cost.
We will to use my company site and application.

Please contact me at
juliabjune  01/02/2018
Thank you for making an awesome font available commercially.
I'm in need of a dot to break up the main word in my logo. I'm actually not sure what that dot is called. Is it possible to get that character made?
Thanks so much!
tape5  11/06/2019
can I use Existence Unicase Light for commercial project, like for logo etc?
Liz Fust  14/12/2019
Thank you, YeahNoah! I used Existence Light for the text of a picture book I published, "The Hungry Kitten's Tale" (available on Amazon). It suits the book perfectly for young readers and keeps it fresh for their parents. Thanks!
guillevelasco  25/05/2020
Hi, I'm here because I was looking for a free font similar to Skia, and this fits almost my needs. Thank you.
YeahNoah  autor de Existence Light   21/01/2023
You’re welcome.

Of course, Existence Unicase Light and Existence Stencil Light variations are free to use (even for commercial) as well. Only restriction is that you’re not allowed to sell or modify the font files.
HelenSoutar  06/06/2023
Hi YeahNoah, is there any progress on the bold/italic versions of this font? I love it but would really appreciate the extra weights. Thank you!

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