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penguinchick  25/03/2010

We are interested in using this for a commercial cover purpose. Could you please contact michelle.atkins@au.penguingroup.com to discuss? Thanks so much, Michelle
antithesismethod  30/11/2010

We would like to use this font for the opening sequence to a TV pilot, if you could get back to us soon that'd be great. Cheers.
LNArtisry  02/09/2012
I'm considering using this font for a small convention and was wondering if you charged for commercial use. Thank you.
mediaStyle  09/07/2014
Dear Borys Liechti,

your font is really pretty and we would like to create a logogram, need it for commercial use. Could you please contact doris.spindelberger(at)mediastyle.at. Thanks!
Sanna J  03/08/2014

I'd like to use this font to create visual identity for my customer's business (reflexolofy massage).

Could you please contact me and let me know if it's okay to use this for free or if I could pay to be allowed to use the font for commercial use.

Thank you!

Sanna from Finland
lotte88  24/03/2015

Is this font free for commercial use? I would like to use it for a few words on a textile design. Please email me at amtopm88@hotmail.com

Thank you and regards,

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