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RAS-UTOPIA  07/08/2010
untitled512  11/08/2010
very nice/funky font!! i cant seem to download this font!! how much does it cost??
B15  autor de El&Font Urban Calligraphy   14/11/2010
For the use of my font, I claim 20€ of rights payable to my paypal account little-chips@hotmail.fr and receipt payement, I will send you an email to confirm the use my font.

Thank you for the interest of my work, regards Jerome.
M1Giannotti  04/08/2011
Love the font but it won't install like the others on my macbook! Please help!
b124  07/12/2014
this doesn't work on mac!
B15  autor de El&Font Urban Calligraphy   31/01/2015
Sorry but I'm working on PC, so I can not help you
EPK808  07/05/2015
Could I use for commercial use??
chan2  09/12/2015
Love this font! I want to use your work
How can i send money to you? please let me know
Vlad tattoo  07/01/2018
Nao funcionou aqui no meu word triste
sxntimxnt  12/02/2020
numbers and special characters don't work:(

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