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anera  06/06/2017
Can this used for commercial use? Please email me : Thanks very much!
heesung  26/03/2019
Hello, I am curious if I can use this type for commercial use(both printed and ePub use). Please email me:
Thank you very much!
Can this be used for commercial use and for my website? Please email me at Thank You!
joeeee  07/11/2019
Your work is so awesome! :) Can I use this for commercial? Please email me " "
woong  19/05/2020
Hello! May I use this font for commercial use? Please, contact me at

Thanks for your time!
Rolls&Sun  05/06/2020

Excuse me, can I use it for commercial use?
I have a project and i want to use it for
my commercial brand name, and i want product clothes,cap,,etc (make money)

I will wait for your opinion.

Thanks you.

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