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bumbayo  13/09/2010
Nice lowercases!!! Congrat!!!!
Usuario eliminado 351954  30/05/2011
very original. good work!
tamiam  25/01/2015
Love your lower case fonts. Can I Use this for my photography Logo? Please let me know the details.
turoturom  autor de Doris Day   25/01/2015
Hello Tamaim

Thanks for writting in regards to my Doris Day font. To answer your question, my fonts are "donationware" and what I normally write is to keep in mind the size of the project and its repercussion. So I don't suggest an amount; it is really up to whatever your heart and pocket feel my font is worth.

A donation should be made through PayPal and my account there is: Once the donation that is done you are free to use it in anyway you want.

Kind regards

Mario Arturo

P.S. Please, donate in Euros if this happens to be your local currency.

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