Dark Flame

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extate  09/06/2006
Simple, but looking very good! "D" is very similar to "P".
apolonnia  11/06/2006
Please, With all respect, this ¿Font? is the most horrible thing that I ever seen in my life, Who´s made this? FRANKENSTEIN?.
dasklem  14/06/2006
Erk. Pouah. Beuh.
Sikka  27/06/2006
I love this police of writing! It is really brilliant! The brackets are superb!

( Excuse me for the faults, I do not speak English but I use a translator ;) )
raonie  27/06/2006
Guys please, how can I put this wings?
Can I put this wings?
please answer to me!
Dy-Blaze  autor de Dark Flame   28/06/2006
for raonie.
Use the "parenthèse" for put the wings and you can do as you please with this font !!!
Squidget29  21/07/2006
This is toatly awesome! I love it! XD
Squidget29  21/07/2006
Eliot Truelove  10/08/2006
yo thanks dy-blaze for the comment on Kingdom Hearts. I like this font as well. Nice.
PawBadReligion  07/12/2007
I like it...
The caps are a little bit... strange? or something, but the rest is very good.
Maykel Fonts  01/09/2013
Très bien pour un premier script !
Maykel Fonts  01/09/2013
On dirait que c'est fait avec un stylo

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