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monssef  16/02/2008
the best ROMNC.

kaliber  26/03/2008
can I use your font for commercial use?
thanks for your reply
Florent Courtaigne  autor de Cyclo   05/04/2008
Could you please tell me more about who you are and who is your client ?
anneDuval  11/08/2008
Bonjour Florent,
Je suis en ce moment en train de réaliser un logotype pour un petit marchand de velo parisien qui ouvre son enseigne dans le 3e. Votre police est-elle à vendre et à quel prix ? Merci de votre réponse.
Anne Duval
ebaladi  22/01/2009
Hello Florent,
I am considering using the font Cyclo for part of my personal logo. I am a graphic designer and therefore my signature would be visible on most of my pieces, specifically my portfolio pieces. For that reason I wanted to make sure I consulted you before using your typeface.

tvilela  14/03/2009
Dear Florent,

I am doing the invitation for a charity event and would like very much to use the font. Is that ok?

Warm regards
Diederick  19/05/2009
Hello Florent,
I'm from Dutch, so sorry for my english.
But the reason that I want this font is the same as that from abaladi.. I am a graphic designer too, and must make a portfolio website for school.

Many thanks,
VikaViktoriya  05/07/2010
I like this font! Super! In a future I would like to use it.

herbit  12/10/2011
I'm creating a logo for a small, local eko business. Can I use cyclo font for that logo?

Florent Courtaigne  autor de Cyclo   04/11/2011
For any commercial use, please respect the creative process and get a licence. My fonts are available on (and not so expensive, by the way). You may also ask me directly by mail if you wish.
Typographically yours,

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