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lualescalante  15/07/2015
LooneyTunerIan  15/07/2015
It's incomplete. Where are the numbers? The lower case letters? The other stuff?
Usuario eliminado 862249  19/07/2015
Is it a virus? I downloaded it, extracted, freezed my computer when i am in the download folder. ._.
Hojarasca  19/07/2015
Buenisimo! Ojala pudieses darle los caracteres que faltan.
MaxiGamer  autor de Crewniverse   21/08/2015
To answer all of your answers:
1. It is NOT a virus. I have no idea why it froze your computer.

2. There's a second version of this font (number-less, unfortunately). I tried to update the font, but Dafont seem to take forever to do update it. You can download it here, however:
MegaboyeMC  05/01/2020
It doesn't want to work. When I select it in MS Paint and try to type stuff it just switches to Calibri. It's literally unusable.
Mallyboo  26/06/2020
Hello, can I use this font for commercial purposes? Please email @

I just want to make reference to your statement where you said that this font is 100% free to use. I just want to make sure that you know I am using this font. This just serves as confirmation that I am using this font for commercial purposes.

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