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skomii  02/05/2013
Marvellous !!!
Jetlamindz  04/05/2013
I broke down and bought Winzip... but it was worthless as the font is not correct. The capital G does not have the little curl under it. NOT HAPPY!
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   22/07/2013
The original version had a G curl but it was annoying in actual use. It would collide with other letters and generally cause chaos.
LeCoffee  09/08/2013
Bloody lovely :3 Been looking for this for about 7 months now :D
chuvub  22/09/2014
: )
chuvub  22/09/2014
hannahrosso  27/10/2014
Might be a silly question but I'm new to all of this... how do I obtain the html code for this font?
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   28/10/2014
Not a silly question at all. The regular, free license doesn't allow conversion for web embedding but you can purchase a web license here:
That'll get you the font, all ready for embedding on the web and code that you can copy/paste into your CSS. There are no restrictions on number of views of any of that hit tracking stuff.
fastlife  21/11/2014
love this font. I want to use it commercially for some non-profit organization graphics. Is it free under those terms?
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   22/11/2014
No problem. The license agreement allows commercial use so even for-profit would be fine.
heavychevy35096  05/12/2014
I have a logo I've created for a client using this font. It will mainly be used on print for now, maybe web later. What do I need to do to obtain the print license for now?
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   05/12/2014
The license agreement allows commercial print use, including logos. You only need a web license if you're embedding the font on the site for text and headlines.
mercedes88  11/02/2015
Hello, thank you for the free download of this fabulous font! I am currently updating a wordpress site for the school I work at. I am designing a new header for the page in illustrator and hoping to use this font. I will be saving the header as a PNG file before uploading it, and I won't be using the font anywhere else on the site, so no embedding. I just wanted to double check that this is free under the licence agreement? sorry for the long winded question!
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   11/02/2015
Thanks, I'm glad you like it. No, that doesn't count as embedding. Good luck with your site update.
Arthur Lasemelle  23/03/2015
Amazing font, just irreplaceable.

Can we have the Coolvetica Light version for a non official use(Student presentation). Because I'm found of this font and it would be amazing to use it "light" ...
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   25/03/2015
Thanks very much. No problem, Arthur, I sent you an an email about it.
abennett  15/05/2015
Hi, we are a academy school called William Bradford Academy.
(Upper School)
Being an academy I'm guessing we are classed as a business now so hence asking if we can have permission to use this font on our network free of charge or not?
Can you e-mail me on asap due to students would like to use this font as part of their exams. Many thanks - Andrew Bennett (Technician)
fran_cocco  20/08/2015
Hi, thanks you, I love this tipography.
clark5  08/04/2016
hello, i am very sorry, i am new here and want to make sure: i would like to use this font for my commercial business for all branding affairs (logo, marketing material, press credits etc). i have a wordpress online shop and would like to place my coolvetica logo of course on my webpage. can i use the font nevertheless for all belongings for free? is it correct that i only need a license when using the font for the whole text or headlines on my webpage? thank you so much...
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   08/04/2016
That's correct. Everything you mentioned is allowed.
TinaBurk  15/08/2016
Hello, I would like to use this beautiful font to participate in an online contest for commercial use. it is OK?
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   18/08/2016
That's no problem. It's free for commercial use.
tony greco  22/08/2016
I love it!
liat  31/08/2016
I love it! i desing t-shirt for sell. can i use this Great font? Thank you very much
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   06/09/2016
Thanks. Yes, it's free for commercial use.
ethan0302  08/12/2016
Using this to make a website on weebly, can I use it? I'm not quite sure what an embedded website is.
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   09/12/2016
If you're you're using the font to make graphic, then putting the graphics on a website: that's not embedding. If you need put the font on the site: that's embedding.
kimballabmik  21/03/2017
for some reason it's not working on my mac book word program?
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   03/04/2017
Maybe try the OTF format? Search for Coolvetica at and you can get it: no charge.
Amelia rossi  14/07/2017
Podría utilizar esta fuente para el logo de envasado de productos? Es decir, necesitaría otra licencia además de la licencia web? Gracias!
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   15/07/2017
La licencia gratuita permite su uso en el embalaje. ¡Buena suerte con su nuevo producto!
JPGD  21/07/2017
Hola,puedo utilizar esta fuente para un videojuego de android que va a ser comercial va a tener anuncios y compras integradas.Tendría que pagarte un porcentaje de las ganancias? Gracias
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   23/07/2017
Se requiere un tipo diferente de licencia para incrustar en aplicaciones. Ve aquí ...
Haga clic en el botón azul. Añada la fuente que desea al carrito de la compra. Examine el carrito de la compra. Cambie la licencia por "licencia de aplicación". Ahora usted puede incorporar la fuente en su juego; ¡No hay problema!
AmisCris  05/09/2017
Hola, estoy realizando un logo con su tipografía Coolvetica Regular, si me aprueban debo tener la licencia? porque vi que cuesta cada una $16 pero la regular es gratuita me podría explicar gracias
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   07/09/2017
Sí, el estilo regular de Coolvetica es gratis para uso comercial ... puedes usarlo para hacer un logo.
cosmin7  03/10/2017
Hey, publishing a video on YouTube with monetization enabled with this font. Is it free for me?
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   12/10/2017
Yes, the free license allows commercial use in video.
TheNiklas  06/01/2018
May I use the font on YouTube thumbnails? In videos it is allowed that is yes in the desktop license but for thumbnails too. I have to say I do not earn anything with YouTube only with some videos!
fusco.gc  07/01/2018
Hola! Puedo usar de forma gratuita esta fuente para que sea la fuente de mi logo y de todo el texto de mi web y documentos de mi empresa? Gracias. Saludos!
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   18/01/2018
It's no problem using for for video and commercial use is allowed.

Sí, puedes usarlo para todas las cosas que describes.
fusco.gc  31/01/2018
Gracias @typodermic! Es una hermosa tipografía!! :)
Kendrah23  06/02/2018
I would like to use your font commercially as well as for a tshirt line. Please lmk details if this is possible.
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   28/02/2018
It comes with a free commercial use license. Check the FAQ at the bottom of this page:
HannabelleCreations  06/06/2018

I was just wondering if I would be able to use this font on book covers, and ebook covers? Sorry if you get asked this question so many times! But I just wanted to make sure first.

typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   09/06/2018
Hi Hannah,
It's no problem using it for book covers and eBook covers.
texalo93  15/11/2018
Hi, I am currently using your font for a gif to promote a museum on websites. Do I need to apply for any licenses? am I in violation of any?
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   20/11/2018
It's no problem...the included license allows it.
AfdanZulhi  03/12/2018
hi, introduce my name afdan, on this occasion I really like the fonts, whether I can use it for commercial purposes to make a logo, if you can, you can answer here or can answer it by email:
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   05/12/2018
It's no problem. Coolvetica Regular is free for commercial uses including a logo. There's more information inside the zip.
hlaffin171  04/02/2019
i am really interested in this font, it's very detailed and i would love to use this font. If you need to reach me you can email
thisisatry  06/03/2019
Dear typodermic, how did you do the font?
(program, etc)
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   08/03/2019
The original was made in Fontographer 4.1 in 1999. Updated versions were created with FontLab Studio 5.
pet8  14/03/2019
Dear Typodermic! I want to ask whether I can use the Cooolvetica font on my single music cover that would be digitally released? Or do I have to pay for commercial use?

I look forward to your prompt and honorable reply
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   14/03/2019
It's no problem. Coolvetica Regular is free for commercial uses including album/single covers.
pet8  14/03/2019
Is this allowed for digital album/single covers?
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   19/03/2019
Yes, any album covers. There are no restrictions on what type of graphics you can use it for.
bermellon07  01/05/2019
Hi. Can I to use this font in a product to sell? It is for a video that will be uploaded to the internet. Thank you so much..
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   03/05/2019
Sure. It's free for use in commercial videos. There's a description included with the font.
eli10  09/07/2019
Can I use for logotipo?
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   21/07/2019
Sure, no problem.
Ahmadadhy  23/07/2019
Hi, I had made a logo with your font, and I modify the font like the color, shape, etc. Is that allowed..thank you
Ahmadadhy  23/07/2019
And the logo is for my client
Ahmadadhy  23/07/2019
And my logo too..
typodermic  autor de Coolvetica   23/07/2019
It's no problem. Coolvetica Regular is free for commercial use including logos and modification is allowed. There's a document included with the font that explains in detail.

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