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HH111  21/12/2007
Merryy Christmas
gia032394  25/12/2007
this is neat :] <3 it
pauly05  04/01/2008
como se colocan estas letras a la fotos?!
yoan  13/01/2008
trop bien
yesrfan  19/01/2008
Yesrfan *
justdave  26/01/2008
what a wonderful and true title..
LaM3zFukTard11  04/02/2008
ii did a great job
megann101  25/02/2008
i love yourr
font it is soo sweet and
iHeartx3  07/03/2008
I LOVE IT! * = <3 so cute!
krakerdesigncom  08/03/2008

thanks good fonts.. ;)

roadaway  19/05/2008
Its a great font!
plainjane  05/07/2008
Refreshing title! So many icky names people come up with for fonts:(
Thank's for the inspiration and great job!
loopy0310  07/07/2008
I REALLY like this font..
but I have no idea what I'm doing! Can someone please help me?
jjcagirl  09/07/2008
LOVE, Love, love the title of your font. †
LeashaMarie  13/07/2008
i ant gotta clue what to do please help!!
love this font ;)
Karen Hiscott  06/08/2008
Love the font, cool to find somebody on the same page in such an unexpected place ... am complete in Him too!!! Suggested new name for a font - beautiful one.... let me know if you design one as this is my favourite phrase!

Blessing in him, Karen xx
BriBri9  06/09/2008
Love this font!
Bere  25/09/2008
This is very nice !
(sorry for my bad english ; I'm french !)
spanky743  27/09/2008
This is a great font!
It's perfect for an "Anti-Drug" Ad spoof.
Trodden  13/10/2008
Hi Kimberly,

I would like to get your permission to use this font commercially. Please contact me as soon as possible.

Kerlyn  16/10/2008
I wished to use this font too.
LizHarper  04/11/2008
Hi Kimberley
I would like to use this font on my company website.
Please can you give me permission!
awmasry  05/11/2008
i love it :-)
rosiehandley  14/11/2008
Hi Kimberley,
I love the Complete in Him font. I would like to use it commercially.
Please contact me regarding permissions etc.
EleeGirl  27/11/2008
WOW! I sooo love this font :D

Good job ;)

Keep it up :)
eragongal44  10/12/2008
This is a very beautiful font, with an inspiration that I didn't think was possible to get from a font. Thank You so much!!

lemonlime935  19/12/2008
how do i use this? (in my AIM profile) please help! im in love with this font
lemonlime935  19/12/2008
how do i use this? (in my AIM profile) please help! im in love with this font
redmax  27/12/2008
so cute!!!!!
i love it~~
thanks! :)
music4everr  01/01/2009
Love this font i use it ALL the time! It is truly a great font for handwritten <3
Paulinette'  10/01/2009
J'aime beaucoup cette écriture !
I like this writing very much

Mais je ne sais pas ce qu'il faut faire après avoir cliquer sur télécharger !!
But I do not know what it is necessary to make having click on downloading!!

Merci !!
livipop  26/01/2009
this is a cute font!
mellybo1014  11/02/2009
This is adorable I have this font I love how you do ure hearts mine are weord
ryanlonac  17/02/2009
Great hand script. May I use this or a project? Please let me know what the commercial agreements are.
like2click  23/02/2009
like the title....ALOT! and the font too. :)
dieko  08/04/2009
There are real love from the King in ur Fonts.
Hay verdadero amor del Rey en tus fuentes.

Dios te Bendiga ;)
Trizzo  04/06/2009
Hey awesome work! Can i use this font for a one time thing for a church event?
love, peace.
heybraza  09/06/2009
Hi, I'd like to use Complete in Him for commercial purpose and to know if you have Complete in Him with some latin characters (ç é ô ã, etc...).

If you could give me some feedback ASAP, it would be really nice!

Congratulations, awesome font design.

Thank you!
Mellillu  24/08/2009
Hi Kimberley,
I really love the Complete in Him font. I would like to use it commercially.
Please contact me regarding permissions ASAP, it would be very very helpful°.^
AznxGrace  11/09/2009
Hey. Does anyone knw hw to type the heart thingy shown on Complete in Him? If eu knw, can eu like tell me hw?
Roger S. Nelsson  29/09/2009
For those of you looking for an improved version with accents etc: Kimberly Geswein has allowed me to rework her fonts and offer them with a (very generous) commercial license.
So if you need a professional quality Unicode OpenType or TrueType version of this font with a multilingual and expanded character set - you will find it here:
(Kimberly Geswein receives royalties from all sales)
macmanfonts  05/10/2009
Love the name!!! :) Good font.
jfalke  28/10/2009
I would like to use this font for a nonprofit event logo. Please contact me!
krazynina217  08/11/2009
Is complete in him like a gay reference? Haha, just kidding.
Nice font though. :)
ShawtyGotSwaghXD  28/11/2009
i wanna use this font. but i gotta pay for it.?
Lillymonie  25/12/2009
Awesome. I download it.
Nicolei  14/01/2010
awesome !
Lady-pHoeNix  16/08/2010

I love your fonts!!
they're so cute!! <3
but I want know can you do this font in spanish language, with accents and ñ.


for contact me

Kowhai.Baby  30/08/2010
Hi there, I would love to use this in a logo for a small business, happy to pay you of course, can you contact me at please? Thanks, Stacey
Before I Forget  11/02/2011
I Love, LOVE, This Font. ;x xD
xDarkFlower  17/03/2011
Love This FRONT!!!!
ninjaton  14/08/2011
Very sweet font
xFireworks  02/09/2011
Kimberly Geswein .. YOU ARE LEGEND!
All your fonts are so lovely! I love your all your fonts!
Some are even based on phrases from songs (:
I adore your fonts. Can't wait to see more. Keep up the great job!
gonzojournalism  30/05/2013
The title of this font is stupid.

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