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sesquius  29/03/2012
Nice font, but you can't embed in PDF or EPS.
taylorpaul2  05/04/2012
is there anyway to purchase this font so we can embed the font

ellenelle  04/12/2012
I like this font a lot. There is a small problem with the hyphen that looks like a tiny smear. Would it be possible to fix that?

Ludobylu  28/07/2013
Hello! I really like this font! Is it free for commercial use?
Thanks for your answer.
stella9212  01/05/2017
Nice font, is it free commercial use?
Love this font, used it on a video for the group PITCH BLACK you can find here:

We like this font just the way it comes (which is with the Coaster Black and Coaster Shadow)

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