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lilianly  08/02/2011
me encanto
Craig_Sixx  autor de Churli Cute   11/02/2011
:) gracias por descargarla!
fontjc22  01/03/2011
i love it
it is verry intresting
and verry cute
i love it:b
seza  31/05/2011
i lurv it, it's so cuuute! xD
SlytherinFTW  01/09/2011
This is so cute ♥
I dunno about this but, if you were trying to spell Expecto Patronum it's spelt Expecto Patronum not Especto. Besides that this is SOOOOOOOOO adorable!
Kim_Hanna  08/09/2011
that font is soooooo cute!! I luv the faces!!
Craig_Sixx  autor de Churli Cute   04/10/2011
Thanks you all!!
termin2000  23/02/2012
I'ts such a cool font that my face was:) not :(
Craig_Sixx  autor de Churli Cute   25/02/2012
hahha ow♥im so glad!
jmrb  06/05/2012
men the zip it's broken pleases re-upload the font cool font :D
Craig_Sixx  autor de Churli Cute   08/05/2012
Really? I downloaded it to try and it works o_o
jmrb  12/05/2012
now it work :D thanks great font
Craig_Sixx  autor de Churli Cute   22/05/2012
:) thanks to you for download it
xXAllTimeLowLoveXx  12/07/2012
This has to be one of my favorite fonts ever thank you so much for making it lol and i especially love capital "c" and capital "i" so cute xD
xXAllTimeLowLoveXx  12/07/2012
Or if you didnt make it finding it xD
Craig_Sixx  autor de Churli Cute   26/07/2012
:D thanks!!!
BubblesRock  29/10/2012
Absolutely adorable! Got it in one second after seeing it!
FontTroll  01/01/2013
So cute!! <3

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