Chinese troops waiting at the border

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mayuXx  27/01/2010
Nice font, but those characters are used in japan not china
SRN.95  26/02/2010
lol but this is Japanese ^^
btw, thank you! that's cool~
Tingwe  31/03/2011
that is not chinese fonts
tombo_jp  12/08/2011
it looks weird.
tophe24  24/06/2012
what is this language please
kiki03  22/03/2013
Tres jolie
Catnap  28/11/2013
Right, from the dead...

It is called "Chinese troops waiting at the border", and the category is "in Foreign Look > Chinese, Jpn." (Japan)

So, what say... it is obviously Japanese based characters, that refer to the Chinese at the border, or shore in this case.


I like it.

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