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Chloe5972  04/11/2011
Super design !!
pandamen  04/11/2011
anke-art  07/11/2011
Aaaw, what a beauty!
It reminds me of baseball
opdesigns  19/01/2012
I am trying to install this Brannboll font on Vista and it goes through the motions, but doesn't install. Why? I am the admin.
lovely-smile  05/02/2012
comment faut t-il faire pour télécharger cette écriture ?
chiefo  18/04/2012
nice font, but totally useless for designing large posters or editing in illustrator, etc.
the vectors arent rly smooth. u have to calm them to get a constant outline.

but at least, nice font.
abeeyahmed  23/07/2012
nkydickson  06/08/2012
how do you get the line to show up under the wording ?
MAWNS  autor de Brannboll   06/08/2012
nkydickson: 1-9
Chelcie28  31/08/2012
Can i use this fonts for photography logo? I only need few letter not all. I dont need all letter for $ can cheap donate or free? email me thanks
zdroweodzywianie  07/09/2012
Great design!
akademia  07/09/2012
I like the underline...
faceta  07/09/2012
Yes, I agree the underline is great!
sposobystres  07/09/2012
Interesting font with underline!
poradnikzdrowie  07/09/2012
I like this font!!!
sztukaspania  07/09/2012
I must get it immidiatelly!
tajemniceuw  07/09/2012
Thanks a lot for this font!!
g0odfellas  01/10/2012
can i use this font for 1 of my clothing line? or do i have to pay? let me know not sure about using font on clothing line
MAWNS  autor de Brannboll   03/10/2012
If you give away the cloths for free to freezing children, you can use it. Otherwise, read the description about commercial use.
bscallan  06/10/2012
How do I add the tail or underline?
MAWNS  autor de Brannboll   06/10/2012
bscallan: Read the description and earlier comments. Use the numbers.
eautoczesci  26/10/2012
I like the underline very much!
coryd3033  29/10/2012
Thoroughly impressed!
CornyChris  16/12/2012
This font is awesome. I was wondering if I could use it on the cover of a free mixtape.
nancaayyy  25/03/2013
this font cuts off at the top on my mac. is anyone else having this problem?
Kdubbs148  11/05/2013
This font is great, can I use for a t shirt? Please respond to thanks
fanntastics  15/08/2013
Would love this font if it had numbers!!!
riamae  01/10/2013
i cant install this :(((((( i super want this huhu
kred  13/04/2014
I can't see underline when I write different words...
smilesparkleshine  18/12/2014
I love this! I'm interested in using your font in a t-shirt design for a start up business. It would be minimal shirts as I am just starting out. January will be first month. Super excited! I was wondering if you would be agreeable to allow me to use it. Thank you for considering. Here is my email address.
MAWNS  autor de Brannboll   18/12/2014
Samantha5  11/02/2015
How much would it be for commercial use?
MAWNS  autor de Brannboll   12/02/2015
Bingy77  11/03/2015
I love this font. Can I use it for t-shirt print? I am trying to create a design for my Mom's 95th birthday next month. These t-shirts will be for family members only; as a giveaway. Please...pretty please.... Here's my email: to confirm. Thank you.
ellery a  19/03/2015
doesn't it make you wanna scream
pinkcamogirl  18/04/2016
I guess that I am stupid, I cannot not get the line under the font to install. I see where I am suppose to pick numbers 1-9. But I don't see where to pick those numbers. When I hit download I save it then extract and it only gives me an install button. I am new at this so sorry I don't understand. Can anybody offer advice. Thanks
MAWNS  autor de Brannboll   18/04/2016
Write anything with the font and then press any number.
Example: Brannboll2
tnish11  07/06/2016
How do I get actual numbers to show up instead of the line under the letters?
MAWNS  autor de Brannboll   09/06/2016
The full font includes numbers.
ashley000333  16/04/2017
Great design. I'm trying to do download or copy "There's Home" for my personal use to create a door hanger and cant get it to download. This font is great except for the inability to download or copy the words. I have attempted to load multiple times but never get the phrase. You should look to license this product with silhouette, cricut, Microsoft or apple. Please email me on how to load these words.
pooh33096  10/05/2018
How do I get the letters to connect? It's not creating it in script, the letters are spaced apart.
ngoj1  09/10/2018
Hi may I use this font to create a new logo for my friends new instagram account where he sells clothing items? contact me so I can know if you gave me permission to use this font
UD17  24/01/2019
Hello, I like to know if you give permission for commercial use. Please reach out to me at

Thank you in advance for your response.

TBChamp81  28/02/2019
How can I place the underline under 2 words?
Bclay  26/07/2019
Hello, How do I get the underline under the words? I am having the hardest time figuring that part out.
MAWNS  autor de Brannboll   27/07/2019
Please read the description and comments above BEFORE ASKING THE SAME QUESTION.
vickivickery  27/07/2019
how do i get the swoosh at the end?
vickivickery  28/07/2019
how do i get the swoosh at the end?
Jryder88  23/10/2019
Can I use this font to make memorial shirts for my husbands Grandfather who just passed away? I will not be receiving any money for them.
tcervellin  12/01/2020
Are you able to make this font and swoop have an outline Like you would for a sports jersey?
MPinon  11/10/2020
Love this! If you are using in Cricut Design Space, you must Ungroup the letters so you can easily move the letters closer together and move the Swish underneath your word

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