Boris Black Bloxx

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insightdesign716  07/03/2009
Is this font free for commercial use?
cwgurl21  06/07/2009
Is this free for commercial?
xodiaq  25/08/2009
Simple Terms of Use

Manfred’s fonts are free for private and charity use. They are even free for commercial use – but if there’s any profit, pls make a donation to organizations like “Doctors Without Borders”.

These fonts can NOT be included in any compilation CDs, disks or products, either commercial or shareware unless prior permission granted.
SuperDude  12/07/2010
What a great font - thanks alot!
thebill  22/09/2010
i'm a screenprinter and i want to use this font in my logo... would go on shirts and stuff, is that acceptable?

i emailed Manfred for permission... haven't heard back yet.
Soniclight  12/04/2012
Nice clean, bold, modern look. Thank You :)
Bloknote  22/08/2012
I sooo love this font!
ramiion  11/03/2015
hi,it is possible to use for commercial? please send me a mail at thanks
nividzine  23/06/2015
That's a sexy font right there. Thank you.
seqena  11/02/2016
Hello. I would like to use your font for commercial use. Please let me know if this is okay
pebz  22/02/2016
This is definitely a great font.
I would like to use this font for logos and commercial purposes.
Please, send me an info to
theprojekt  24/03/2019
Hello is this font available for commercial use.

I will like to use this as the main font for a logo design
theprojekt  24/03/2019
can you please email me at

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