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25 comentarios

marty666  19/01/2009
superbe, comme toujours !
samegarr  19/01/2009
i LOVE this
mtension  19/01/2009
Brilliant! Such a great idea!
theadrian  19/01/2009
greaaaat!! only remains do the another signs.. =[
dafont4all  19/01/2009
epso  20/01/2009
yes very nice typo
rodolfo.franca  20/01/2009
great stuff!
MAX004  24/01/2009
i can't extract it . could you check the file please .
theadrian  25/01/2009
download it again...
annaOMline  28/01/2009
Great font with realistic embroidery effect. If you do not have an embroidery simulation software this font is for you!
Thanks for sharing!
Claudéïne  29/01/2009
Nikel Monsieur N. ;-)
ça serait bien que tu trouves un moyen de nous informer de tes nouvelles créations ^^
KatAttack  30/01/2009
very nice
theadrian  01/02/2009
un hummer salió caregado del desierto de sonotia...
luukia  07/02/2009
cool ^^
AlinaCourtney  08/02/2009
I have a question.For all authors.
How make a font?Sorry for the inconvenience.
Love all (: <3
theadrian  09/02/2009
AlinaCourtney watch this
AlinaCourtney  23/02/2009
Thanks theadrian (:
whang@07  11/11/2010
goldmarie  04/10/2011
What a great font, thank you.
But when i use the font in InDesign, i can't export a PDF. Why? Can anybody help? Thanks.
Maxximillian  17/02/2012
I absolutely love this font. I used it in Photoshop, employed a stroke and a texture to bevel/emboss. It looks like real embroidery! So killer!
Clarisse M  18/07/2014
Hello, I would like to use this font for commercial purposes. I am creative invitation craft. How much is she?
(I started, and it is a very small company, do not be too greedy please!)

Thank you.
      Clarisse M.
sahinler  15/07/2015
I want to use it on boxer for french market.
Can you contact me quickly ?
suresh designer  26/08/2017
Hi Bro this suresh i love this base 05 font but i have one problem, The problem is when i have install this font its ok no problem, After i'm using the fonts in illustrator when i have save to pdf format the error coming .

The error notification is please below :

The font Base05 could not be embedded in the PDF document because of licensing restrictions. Stroked text will not be visible.

please response ASAP ...
i am waiting bro...
napoli89mm  05/06/2018
Salve a tutti sto per fondare un brand registrando il marchio, è possibile tutelare la licenza di questo font?

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