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thenameisrob  19/06/2014
The font is superb. I wanted to know if it is ok to use Your font for a team logo. Thank you for your time.
rocafella36  05/07/2014
I would like to use this font for a MMA clothing line im starting. Please let me know.
AishaSalome  18/08/2014
Love your font. May I use this font for a movie poster project? Thank you very much for answer
shezz150  03/09/2014
Hey I'm wondering if its possible to use your font for my student short film's Title for DVD cover, poster and on screen title. Hope to hear from you.
sexy_gecko47  02/11/2014
Hi, I'd like to use your font for the title/poster/cover of a short student film -- could you please let me know what this would entail concerning commercial use?

Many Thanks,
reyban3  16/02/2015
I like your font and was wondering if I could use it for a theater poster for a college project. Thanks a lot! e-mail:
K10  14/10/2015
Hiya, I really appreciate your font and I'd like to use it for a Rock Band. Please contact me at
Thx and sorry for the previous comment ;)
streetsmarts360  19/12/2015
I love your work. Our son had battled drugs and alcohol and I'm encouraging him to write a book, hopefully he is on his way to recovery. I would like to use your font for the cover.
Sofio2  28/03/2016
I really like your font!!!... and was wondering if I could use it to create a personal logo ( I would like to start a sound creation project). Thank you to let me know.
Sofi :)
kristimichelle  20/04/2016
Hello I love this font. I'm wondering if I can use it for a shirt for a man. Let me know! thank you!
ManuEmi  25/04/2016
Hello, bonjour,
Iím a musician and I would like to use your font (Bad coma) for one banner jpg. to write my name. Would that be ok with you for 20$ Canadian? And of course if I ever print cards, or create a website (or elseÖ) I would let you know and adjust this amount!
Thanks a lot!!!
snobfamily  02/09/2016
Awesome font! Would love to use it for a book title. Please let me know if that's okay. Thx a ton!
nio  17/10/2016
hello I would like to create my own logo using BAD COMA.
what should I do ?
thank you
_Warman_  25/01/2017
Is it ok to use your font in titles in my videos?

Eruan  11/07/2017

Would be interested to use this on the cover of the book I'm working on. The book has no distribution deals, just relying on crowdfunding, which may or may not succeed.

bigbang  21/11/2017
Hello, I woul'd like to use your font for the logo of a new entertainement company that I create. Is it OK for you ? Thank for your reply.

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