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Azonix  de Mixo
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Shiron212  22/10/2018
Awesome font!
TechniKills  24/10/2018
oh yes daddy
emilyzrn  28/11/2018
Hey there, I really like your font and I would like to use it for a logo design which will be on print media and also on the website. Do i need an extra license or is it included in commercial use? Because the company wants to stay as free as possible.
A quick answer here or via email would be great. :)
mikemakeitso  02/12/2018
Hi Mixo FX, I like your font.

Can you tell me if you need a license for Commercial use?

Please message me at

mixofx  autor de Azonix   04/12/2018
Azonix is free for commercial use but redistribution of the font is not allowed.
mikemakeitso  07/01/2019
Thank you Mixo FX!
josieB  24/06/2019
Very cool font. I typed in "badass" to find it! Love it!
SakinaA  30/09/2019
Nice font. Just what I was looking for. Thank you so much Mixo FX

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