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Holly24  08/02/2008
Can I use this font for business use?
insightdesign716  17/02/2009
Can I use this font for commercial purposes?
friends1976  18/03/2009
I just wanted to say that this is so cute!
chiyooka  20/05/2009
Can I use this font for business use?
hazy  23/05/2009
omg i loved it (:
lnathie2  29/05/2009
I like your font and I would to use it for commercial use?
Cher516  29/06/2009
love it too! Can it be used for commercial use?
cwgurl21  06/07/2009
I am also wondering if this font can be used for commercial use?
kuristi  autor de Aubrey   09/10/2009
thank u all :)
please feel free to use it for commercial use, no problem, i'll be glad..
this typeface is not really good though, i'm not satisfied with the typeface's leading...too hard to make it perfect
lasernioka  02/05/2010
Thanks for the use, commercially. It is nice! An artist is the one who isn't ever satisfied, right? I know that is how I am, and it is hard to feel "finished". Thanks again!
candy517  23/08/2010
This font was in polyvore.
tejoz  29/08/2010
Hi Kuristi
i'm using this beautiful font of yours in all of the font print in my flash mob performance, I think you'll like I'll post the youtube link here as soon as the video is done
Gunarta  15/12/2010
numpang review font ini ya gan..

NikkiGirl8  21/08/2012
Thank you ;-)
angieclaudia  12/10/2013

I want to use it for the name of brand, are you agree with commercial use please ?

Could you accept to send me your acceptance if yes it's important for our business

Thank you for advance
tamiam  06/03/2014
may I please use your font for my photography logo??
I love it! Thank you.
Please let me know asap.
ceciliablc  31/08/2016
hello, can i use it for commercial logo please ?
Kendrah23  06/02/2018
I would like to use your font commercially as well as for a tshirt line. Please lmk details if this is possible. I just want to make sure- Ty!
rianchochochiko  20/03/2018
awesome font..thank you so much
AgilaPhotos  05/11/2019
Hello Kuristi (author of aubrey),

I read from the above comments that we can use this font for commercial use. Thank you!!! Ifeel so blessed to have found it. You have helped a lot of people including me. More power to you.

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